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It all started with one man, one camera, and a 20,000 mile bicycle journey. Only one pair of hands to film, steer, and protect against rabid dogs.  Since then, we have grown. First festivals, then Network TV and web content. As we’ve developed, we’ve sprouted fresh shoots and branched out, creating new exciting content of our own and producing content on behalf of other media outlets, major brands and even the music industry. But one thing has not changed – all along the way our feet have stayed firmly rooted at the heart of adventure.  “A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind,” said Ionesco. And our minds are those of children who sit in wide eyed wonder; our spirit that of teenage boys hopped up on white knuckle rides; and our hearts of those who know that excellence in the first two demand a strict sense of authenticity.  We script nothing and we capture everything on film – well, flash disks.


Encompass’s specialty is original programming.  We think it up, then produce it wholesale and shop it around.  We bank on ideas that we know have wide appeal, and as such, we’ve always found outlets for our content.  Whether it’s short films making the festival circuit or a television series on Network TV in the United States and abroad, we do it ourselves from finance to distribution.


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You have an idea but do not know how to make it happen?  Come to us!  We love working for hire and lending our skills and talent to fulfill your dreams.  Whether it’s as simple as cutting a trailer for your already existing project or making you a showreel that highlights your amazing work history, or as complex as helping you develop a feature documentary from something that you read in a magazine article, Encompass can help.



The world is full of talent.  We would be foolish not to admit that some of the best ideas are borrowed (with permission).  Here at Encompass we love to partner on projects with like minded folks.  Like what we do and want to be part of it?  Email us!