Climbing out of Distater

Climbing out of Disaster from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

In collaboration with Black Diamond Equipment, we headed to Puerto Rico to meet Bryant Huffman and a crew of local climbers that stepped up to the plate post hurricane Maria, using their skills learnt through climbing to help those around them gain back some semblance of normality, while US and international aid floundered.

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The Great Falls; Rafa ortiz

The Great Falls with Rafa ortiz from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Red Bull asked us back to produce a short film about the big drop legend most famous for shenanigans with an inflatable red lobster – that’ll stay with him forever! This time he visits the great Falls on the Potomac, a whitewater paradise like no other due to its proximity to a metropolitan center, namely Washington D.C.

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We Love You Dane Waters: A Film About Hate

We Love You Dane Waters; A Film about Hate from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

With the aim to highlight the state of dialogue in the United States between citizens of different beliefs, we deviated from our normal adventure sports fare to make this short, which follows the story of longtime Republican strategist Dane Waters who becomes the object of extreme hate as he tried to deliver on his pledge to his son that he would do what he could to stop Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee for President. This film has some fairly coarse language…

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The Cure-All

Red Bull : The Cure-All (Justin Severino) from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Action sports make you hungry, but good food is more than likely miles from the trailhead…..unless your RV buddy happens to be Justin Severino, a well known Chef and avid mountain biker. Encompass was asked by Red Bull to tag along on one of his annual #BikeBros RV trips from Pittsburgh to Asheville North Carolina. Some of the best trails are followed up by even better feasts.

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Feel The Burn

Feel The Burn (Trailer) from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Once a year, in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, there sprouts a city aptly named Black Rock City. This is home to Burning Man, a veritable festival for the senses, with something for everyone able to endure a permanent state of dustiness and dehydration. Some say that Burning Man is an ‘endurance event’, which means that the Burning Man Ultra-marathon is perhaps one of the world’s only endurance events within an endurance event. This short film documents this flamboyant yet surprisingly competitive race.

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Kehu Butler. A Saltwater Legacy

Kehu Butler. A Saltwater Legacy. from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

The Māori people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) have a heritage immersed in saltwater, and are know to be some of the best watermen on the planet. In the world of surfing however, only a small handful of Māoris have made it onto the world stage. Kehu Butler was introduced to the sea by his grandfather as a baby, and taught to surf by his whole family. Having climbed his way to the top of the Junior rankings at lightning speed, he has become Aotearoa’s new hope for international surfing recognition. This short ‘promo’ here is part of a longer project aired on Outside Television.

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Be More (super) Human

Reebok: The Fine Line from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Where we can, Encompass likes to build something different into our content. For Reebok, a brand synonymous with cross fit and grueling gym work outs, we found that ‘something different’ high above LA’s well muscles gyms, in a granite playground where focus is disturbed only by the wind.

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Do U Zoom? We did!

UZOOM from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

At Encompass we seem to have developed a thing about bikes. It was only a matter of time before other people started noticing this. While we make content for some cool bike brands, Uzoom are our first client that are infusing a bit of a spark – literally – in the the bike courier world. No sweat biking…something we’ve only just become familiar with at Encompass, thanks to Uzoom!

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Black Diamond in Brazil

Jonas Silva from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

As Part of our documentary film project culminating in ‘Above The Alley, Beneath the Sky’, we shot a lot of footage of Jonas Silva, a talented young climber and early adopter of the climbing movement in Rio’s largest favela, Rocinha. Together with Andrew Lenz, the climbing program’s director, we followed Jonas around and found stories within stories, one of which is featured in this short for Black Diamond Equipment. Outdoor activities aren’t always accessible to everyone. And even when they are, the complications of poverty and cultural differences mean the benefits of sports such as climbing are often called into question.

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Comes with Baggage…

Comes With Baggage. (TRAILER) from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

This year we were tasked with making a short film about the history of bicycle touring and the current hotbed of bike innovators in northern California. It turns out people have been venturing out on gargantuan bike adventures for centuries! The challenge? Covering just shy of 200 years of history in quarter of an hour!

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