Gibbon Goes To The Favela

GIBBON ROCINHA from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Encompass Films created this one of a kind piece for Gibbon Slacklines. Using our connections from a previous project in the slums of Rio De Jainero, we assisted Gibbon’s pro-athletes in finding a spot to create a pop-up slack school and an impromptu high-line exhibition. We had such a great time filming this two day adventure, which has been shown on Outsidetelevision.com, EpicTV.com, and dozens and dozen of organic facebook pages making this an incredibly successful exercise in organic views for digital assets. Viva Brasil!

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Dandyhorse Double

Dominic Gill’s long running ‘Take A Seat’ platform has so far taken him down the Americas, across the States and around Egypt during the revolution in 2011. In the summer of 2013 Encompass Films was commissioned by the tourism board Travel Alberta to take 6 more adventure seeking companions around their province in search of hidden gems, mountains and all things Albertan. 4 short vignettes and one feature length film were commissioned for distribution amongst online media outlets such as the Telegraph UK as well as several film festivals, and the project is currently in circulation.

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Blackburn Rangers

The first in a series of digital video’s for Blackburn Design. For this project Encompass Films followed six cycle tourists during their summer adventures tracing the Pacific Coast Highway and the Great Tour Divide. Blackburn launched this ambassadorial based campaign as a brand identity turn around and we feel honored to have helped them breathe life into their beautifully designed bike accessory products.

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Big Game (trailer)

Once a year, at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in Nepal, elephants and man come together for one week to play the larger than life sport of Elephant Polo. While the game is highly competitive and faster than you might think, the real value is the presence of some of the largest and most gentle animals on earth. Unlike domesticated elephants in other parts of the world, these animals have been raised and trained only using positive reinforcement techniques and a close relationship with the same ‘mahout’ for many years. In 2012 Encompass Films documented this event and produced a short film. Thus far it has been an official selection at both Palm Springs Short Film Fest and Revelation Film Festival in Perth, Australia. Stay tuned to find out where else Big Game will be playing at festivals around the world.

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Beyond Gear; The Backstory

Asa Firestone, the founder of Beyond Gear describes the origins of his new company, that sells climbing related apparel to support development projects centered around youth and adventure sports. Currently, Beyond Gear works with the Centro de Escalada Urbana in Rio, Brazil. The center uses the positive and instructive risks of rock climbing on the granite walls towering above the city’s favelas, to help the local youth gain perspective on what is possible both within and outside of their community.

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Take A Seat: Egypt

Take A Seat: Egypt is the latest season in a series which revolves around adventurer Dominic Gill taking a tandem bicycle around the world and inviting random strangers to get on the back.  To date, Encompass has created and produced three separate Take A Seat projects. The first in conjunction with Scottish TV, where we produced a one-hour TV special released on ITV4 in the UK and then respectively distributed in Asia, Australia, and Europe.  Additionally, it received Special Jury Prize at Banff Film Festival and went on to tour over 400 cities around the world.  The second, was a journey across the United States produced in conjunction with Universal Sports, a division of NBC Universal.  It was released in 2010 as a 9 part mini-series. The most recent season in series Take A Seat Egypt was produced in-house and aired on Universal Sports, on Oct 1, 2012.

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Amplify hired Encompass to record and produce a short video of Augustine Kofie painting a mural on their office building in Venice, CA.  This piece is an example of collaborative effort between the artist, who arranged to have the mural funded and painted, and Encompass Films which helped him document the process for use by himself and Amplify.

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All That I Am: Aaron Baker

This profile was created for paralympic hopeful Aaron Baker.  Aaron Baker’s unique story of recovery and perseverance was originally designed to be a digital video for personal use by Baker but was so beloved that it started to make the festival circuit as well. It won the “Most Inspirational” Prize at 5 Point Film Festival.

Post Olympics, Aaron’s life has begun yet another chapter. While two wheels is and forever will be a passion of his, Encompass Films is capturing his next endeavor, the gargantuan task of walking across Death Valley California. During this adventure we will be exploring movement and what this gift he has fought so hard to regain means to him and others. Follow the journey on twitter using the hashtag #ImpossibleWalk

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N(ice): When Heaven Freezes Over

N(ice) was commission by Canadian tourism board Travel Alberta for use as the first in a series of webisodes designed to attract Britons to holiday in Alberta.  N(ice) was directed by Dominic Gill who additionally features in the film as the primary ice climber.  The trek was hosted by Yamnuska and shot by camera extraordinaire Mike Malandra.

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