Take A Seat: Egypt
21 Sep 2012 | Posted by: ermcadams | Categories: Uncategorized

Take A Seat: Egypt is the latest season in a series which revolves around adventurer Dominic Gill taking a tandem bicycle around the world and inviting random strangers to get on the back.  To date, Encompass has created and produced three separate Take A Seat projects. The first in conjunction with Scottish TV, where we produced a one-hour TV special released on ITV4 in the UK and then respectively distributed in Asia, Australia, and Europe.  Additionally, it received Special Jury Prize at Banff Film Festival and went on to tour over 400 cities around the world.  The second, was a journey across the United States produced in conjunction with Universal Sports, a division of NBC Universal.  It was released in 2010 as a 9 part mini-series. The most recent season in series Take A Seat Egypt was produced in-house and aired on Universal Sports, on Oct 1, 2012.

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