Our M.O.

Encompass has made a name for itself not only by capturing mouth watering imagery, but telling a story that doubles its value. With the latest equipment and some sneaky techniques, we can capture those stories from the best angle. We keep our projects in house. We know that our team reads from the same hymn sheet, so why farm out jobs to anyone else? Our best editor gets up at 4am on his day off to go fishing. When our sound man isnʼt tinkering with levels in a studio decked out with exotic musical instruments, heʼs out training for the next ironman… In short, we at Encompass love all that we do and that is reflected in our work.

Our Skillset

Our crew is adept at operating the highest end cameras and studio equipment, but our roots in adventure mean that we also consider ourselves ‘MacGyvers’ of the film world. We work with the budget, equipment and conditions available to tell the story. Whether it be filming in the vertical playground of Yosemite, on the fast paced roads of the PanAmerica highway or in the deep dark underworld of the Red Sea, we know the tricks that get the creative results you are looking for. We particularly excel at shooting in places where the camera isn’t supposed to be, whether that’s due to physics or because politics dictates otherwise.

Why Us?

Because we have the imagination of children, the efficiency of a swat team, and the flexibility of the Ross Sisters. Look them up. They’re flexible.